Fishing Habit to rise: Baits, Rod, Lures, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Reels

Fishing is a great hobby for adults and kids. Some of the virtues of the fishing hobby are:

1. stress relief

a wide range of people go fishing to relieve stress, and they feel free. The interaction with nature makes you feel a part of it, and forget all the worries of the world.

2. social bonding

 Another crucial result is the fact that you can build strong relationships with your family and friends that you can achieve by going fishing.

In our normal circumstances in which we live, we do not spend much time with our loved ones, we feel frustrated

Continuous background noise and tensions caused by various problems. In the other hand, we can enjoy spending more time with our loved ones in quiet places instead of noisy places


3. health benefits

one of the most notable results of fishing is the regain of your health. It could be one of the solutions to the overweight issue, that over 50% of Americans are suffering from, due to a bad habit of eating, and lack of exercise and people sitting all day long on chairs. When we go fishing, we become more active and feel encouraged. 

4. recreation

Fishing is a recreation even on the worst day when you catch no fish at all. It is always better than spending most of your time at home. And these feelings get rewarded when you catch a fish. It's a memorable moment.  

5. self-fulfillment

Interact with the environment by learning skills and how to deal with, will create respect for it and sens of self-fulfillment. 

6. fishing for food

Nowadays we can get healthy food by catching wild fish. Wild fish are rich in protein, contain good cholesterol and source of Omega 3, which make it a favorite food for many.

7. the thrill and challenge

 Most people love to fish because of the excitement and the defy involved. It's exciting to sit on a boat and expect a fish to find your lure. The biggest defy lies in the methods used for fishing. Most people learn from these challenges.

8. paying tribute to nature

When we go fishing, we pay tribute and show our thanks to the environment for what has provided us. 

Fish are an essential component of a healthy diet. They are a source of low-fat, calories, protein, and omega-3. 

Consumption of many sports fish caught in country lakes, rivers, oceans, and estuaries may contain chemicals that can pose serious health threats.

Below are some other points related to fishing that we will cover in blogs soon.

Fishing Necessities and knowledge:
Basic Fishing Tackle,
Fishing Rods,
Fishing Reels,
Casting Tips,
Knot Tying,
Natural and Live Baits, Lures,
What Goes in the Tackle Box?
Kind of Fishing :
Freshwater Fish,
Saltwater Fish,
Fishing in State's Farm Ponds,
Fishing in Hill Country Streams,
Fishing in State's Streams,
Fishing in Reservoirs,
Fishing in Coastal Bays and Marshes,
Finding Good,
Fishing spots,
How to Handle Fish?
How to Clean Fish?
Fishing Ethics,
Fishing Regulations Invasive Species,
More Information.

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