Pets: Cats & Dogs necessities: Harness, Home, Grooming, Training tools, Vet, Vaccination

Humans love can be conditional when it comes to relationships with one another, but there is another type of unconditional love between humans and pets in general, and between humans and cats or dogs in particular.

According to the American Veterinary Association, approximately 60% of homes in America have at least one pet, and about half of them count their pets as family members.

Having a critter companion may also be beneficial to your health, according to some studies.

But animal welfare is an obligation and responsibilities that are far from only bringing a pet home.

Here is what you should know before you acquire a pet:

Pets need the following:

1- Time,

2- Energy,

3- Care & Training,

4- Love & Attention,

5- Commitment.

Let's give more details about the points mentioned above:

1- Time: Dogs need more time than cats to get them out, walk, feed, and care for them in general. They need to walk them two to three times a day. Dogs want to have a daily routine no matter what. The same for food, you must feed them two to three times, depending on their age. It is a real commitment.

2-Energy: The rituals that you will have to practice when you get pets at home will take a lot of energy and effort from you.

3- Care & Training: Cats and dogs need special care such as cutting their nails, doing their vaccinations in time, take them to veterinary when they don't feel well. 

They need to get trained until they learn the rules of the game: what can they do and what is forbidden to do, learn to respond to their owner.

4-Love & Attention: Pets like humans need love and attention. Pets need to play, need to feel safe, and took care of them.

Cats Cand dogs can become depressed if they do not feel loved and cared for by the angel.

5- Commitment: All these imperatives and obligations make it imperative for the owners of these animals to do them without messing or forgetting.

Cats and dogs adapt their habits, and it becomes difficult to break these habits. You cannot, for example, miss a single walk or forget to feed them.

Accessories and must-have tools:

There are some indispensable tools and accessories, which are the strict minimum to have to care for pets. 

Some essential are:

There other points that we will tackle in future blogs like:


Along with time commitment, money can be a significant factor in owning an animal. You should have a discretionary income to cover the cost of owning a pet even if you get the pet fo free.

Some precious breeds can cost thousands of dollars. 

Among household pets, dog-related expenses tend to be the highest, according to the ASPCA.

Adopting an animal means initial vet fees for things like exams, vaccines, spaying, and neutering. 

Age (Yours and Your Pet) Matters

When considering adopting a pet, there some questions you ask yourself: 

What am I going to be doing in a few years?

Will you have gone off to college?

Will you be retired?

Will you consider moving?

Will you consider traveling a lot?


All these questions and others can help you make the right decision about adopting Pets.


Source: WebMD